Water now pooling at south end of Middleton Place

Hot on the heels of the pavement erosion problem caused by water pooling at the north (Langham Street) end of Middleton Place, we now have the same issue at the south end, as this photo illustrates:

Pooling at the Other End (2016-04-29 11.28.36)

We know from previous experience that this problem will continue to grow until it becomes a major issue and the Council are called out to make another repair.

We also know that these recurring problems are caused by a pavement that does not meet basic standards.  We have been told by countless workmen, from the Council to Thames Water to FM Conway, that the pavement has been laid without bedding or sub-base and that we will continue to be plagued by problems until this is remedied.


Even if the water was reaching the drain, it wouldn’t help.  The drain is blocked solid, as this photo shows:

Blocked Drain (2016-04-29 11.28.53)

Presumably, once again, Middleton Place has “fallen off” the Council’s drain cleaning schedule.


The cement you see around the rim of the drain (which is now helping to prevent the water running into it) was laid by the Council in August 2014 when they came to patch up numerous trip hazards in the Place. Ironically, this is the only fix that hasn’t worked loose in the past 20 months.

More proof, if it was needed, that patching a fundamentally unsound pavement is a waste of time and money.