This website provides some history of Middleton Place, known as Middleton Buildings until it was renamed in 1989, and some useful local information.

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Built in London in 1759, Middleton Place is the oldest surviving pedestrian walkway north of Oxford Street. It is also the only remaining solely residential walkway in the West End.

The original ‘Middleton’s Buildings’ are made up of the ten houses you see today: numbered 1-5 and 7-11.  The area occupied by 6 Middleton Place has been rebuilt and remodelled several times since 1759 and, as a result, there are currently two separate properties sharing the 6 Middleton Place address: one on the west side of the Place, the other on the east side.

‘Formerly’ or ‘Formally’ – you decide…

Old Sign New Sign

These signs face each other at the north end of Middleton Place, at it’s junction with Langham Street. The newer ‘formally’ sign appeared after the refurbishment of the Yorkshire Grey pub in 2015.