A fundamentally unsound pavement

The Council came to investigate the void under the paving on Wednesday 27 April thanks to our direct contact with Jonathan Rowing (Head of Road Management, Westminster Council) and the intervention of Cllr. Jonathan Glanz.

The area was fenced off for 24 hours pending emergency repairs:

Day Before (2016-04-27 18.19.22)

The repair work was carried out on Thursday 28th April. By the next day, the repair had failed.  One of the replaced paving slabs has become loose and rocks when pedestrians step on it. It now presents a serious trip hazard directly in front of the door to Number 7 as this video shows:

These recurring problems are caused by a pavement that does not meet basic standards.  Countless workmen have told us that the pavement has been laid without bedding or sub-base and that, as a result, any repairs are doomed to fail.

Patching a fundamentally unsound pavement is a waste of the Council’s time and money.  Hopefully they will repair the pavement properly and permanently in the near future.