The Night No One Slept

It finally happened last night: there was so much noise from different businesses throughout the night of Tuesday 20th September through to the morning of Wednesday 21st September that IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE FOR RESIDENTS TO SLEEP.

It started at 11:30pm with the Yorkshire Grey pub where the new landlords have completely failed to keep the drinkers under control this summer:

This was followed by emergency drain cleaning at the Riding House Cafe. (Can it be coincidental that the emergencies always happen outside of restaurant opening hours?) The works began just after midnight and lasted until 3.45am. The frequent starting and stopping of the pressure pumps woke people as far a way as Langham Street:

Finally, to cap it all, a rubbish collection truck somewhere in the Langham Street / Great Titchfield Street area woke everyone at 5:45am.  This wasn’t captured on video but the next collection (same truck?) was – 10 minutes later at the University in Riding House Street:

Is this the new reality for the residents of Fitzrovia?  Can it really be acceptable for businesses to interupt our sleep so they can make more money?