Suez Trucks – Noise Nuisance Univ. of Westminster PART II

This page has been prepared for:
– Ms Anuja Jayawickrema, Environmental Health Officer, City Of Westminster
– Westminster Noise Team
– Councillors Glenys Roberts, Paul Church & Jonathan Glanz

The problem:

Every weekday morning between 6am and 6.45am local residents are being woken by the deafening noise of the Suez rubbish trucks collecting from the University of Westminster.


This is not a new issue.  Back in July of this year, the residents believed that this problem had been solved thanks to the involvement of Ms Anuja Jayawickrema (Environmental Health Officer, City Of Westminster) – story here.  Both the University and Suez had acknowledged the problem and the negative impact it was having on neighbours.  Suez reviewed their schedule so that collections happened after 7am.

Unfortunately the early morning collections have started again. This time the problem is worse because there are usually two separate collections: for example, this morning Monday 9th October at 6.09am and again at 6.26am (see videos below).

Footnote: Westminster Council have recently rescheduled their own rubbish collections to happen between 8am and 10am – story here.  This has made a tremendous improvement to the lives of local residents.  We are at a loss as to why Suez and the University of Westminster are unwilling or unable to make the same adjustment.

Monday 9th October 2017:

  6.09am   6.26am

Friday 6th October 2017:


Thursday 5th October 2017:


Wednesday 4th October 2017:


Tuesday 3rd October 2017:


Monday 2nd October 2017: